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  December 11, 2018

President Grover Cleveland Coloring Pages
Interactive online Grover Cleveland Color Book Pages for Kids

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I look little....but I PRINT BIG
Click the printer icon with the crayon cursor for a high quality large coloring page. The image can be printed in black and white and colored offline. See instructions for more info.

Printable Grover Cleveland Coloring Sheets - Portrait of Grover Cleveland Coloring Page
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Category: President Grover Cleveland Color Book Pictures - Portrait of Grover Cleveland

Student Level: preschool, kindergarten, grade 1 - grade 6

Stephen Grover Cleveland - 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

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How to use our interactive President Grover Cleveland coloring pages:

To color your page offline, hit the printer icon on the coloring page.

These President Grover Cleveland coloring pages make great mouse practice activities for younger children but can also be used with older children beginning to learn how to read. If the child is unable to read the sentence that goes with the President Grover Cleveland coloring page, have them click on each word to hear the sentence. This activity reinforces reading skills. Check out our additional ideas on how to use our President Grover Cleveland coloring pages for reading activities.

We offer this Portrait of Grover Cleveland coloring page with several different sentences in addition to our President Grover Cleveland collection of coloring page sentence readers. Check back often, we'll add pages as they're created:

President Grover Cleveland Coloring Pages

President Grover Cleveland (1885 - 1889) and (1893-1897) - picture only - no sentence.
President Grover Cleveland at the White House
Grover Cleveland Birth Place - Map of New Jersey - picture only - no sentence.
Grover Cleveland Birth Place -Map of New Jersey with Borders - picture only - no sentence.
U.S. Flag Flown During Cleveland's Presidency - 38 star flag adopted in 1877
U.S. Flag Flown During Cleveland's Presidency - 43 star flag adopted in 1890
U.S. Flag Flown During Cleveland's Presidency - 44 star flag adopted in 1891
U.S. Flag Flown During Cleveland's Presidency - 45 star flag adopted in 1896

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