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Getting started with Apples 4 the Teacher:

Welcome to Apples4theTeacher.Com. Here are suggestions to help get you off to a good start. Please be aware that many sections are still under construction. Please send any comments or suggestions to:

If you haven't gone through the "About" Apples4theTeacher section, we suggest you start there. About Apples4theTeacher will give you a good overview of our mission, key concepts, and sample links to interactive activities.

Apples4theTeacher content is organized by themes and subject matter. Simply select the subject you wish and you'll be taken to that Subject Home page. If you select a theme, you will be taken to that Theme's Home page with integrated activities.

A site layout can be viewed by clicking on the Contents link. This site is being updated daily, so be sure to check back often for more ideas and activities.

You may perform a Search on Apples4theteacher. If you are looking for a particular theme or subject, just type in the keyword into the search and it will list all pages that may relate to what you're looking for.

Apples4theTeacher is affiliated with several educational learning stores. All shopping is secure. Items shown on our site not only make learning fun, they are nicely integrated into the curriculum. You can find lesson plans and resources for the classroom at the Resources link.

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