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  June 08, 2023

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Fun Interactive Math Games for the 100th Day of School


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One Hundred Days of School Games and ActivitiesInteractive Hundredth Day of School Math Games for Children


Category: 100th Day of School Math Games for Kids
Student Level: kindergarten, elementary

Counting and Grouping by Tens - Color each group of balloons a different color. Count by tens to find out how many balloons there are altogether. How many groups of ten make up this total?
Halloween math games for kidsGhost Blasters - Find multiples of 10 or any number you choose - Unfriendly ghosts wear a number that is a multiple of 10 (or any number you choose). Click on the unfriendly spooks to earn points. How long will it take you to earn 100 points?
Halloween math games for kidsSpooky Sequences - Count on...Counting by tens - One of the ghosts in the spooky sequence is missing a number. (Hint: To figure out the answer, count by tens ). Click on the number buttons along the bottom of the main game screen to add a number to the ghost. Click 'enter' to register your answer. If correct, you'll send the ghosts back to the haunted house. There are five spooky sequences to complete.
Interactive number chart for kids - 1-100Interactive Number Chart 1- 100
Skip count by 10's and color each number that is a multiple. Do you see a pattern?
Interactive number chart for kids - 0-99Interactive Number Chart 0-99
Skip count by 10's and color each number that is a multiple. Do you see a pattern? How is it different from the other chart pattern?
Interactive number chart for kids - 10-1000Interactive 1000 Number Chart (10-1000)
Count by 10's to 1000. What patterns do you see? How is counting to 1000 the same as counting to 100? How is it different?

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