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  January 16, 2017

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Free Preschool and Primary August 2012 Holiday Activities
August 2012 Teaching Ideas - Calendar of Events August 2012


Home > Holidays and Occasions > August 2012 Holidays and Calendar of Events

Primary teaching ideas for August 2012Check out our fun activities for these August 2012 holidays and occasions. Holidays that are displayed as links will bring you to a thematic unit at Apples4theteacher.com. You will find word searches, coloring pages, thematic reading lists, short stories, poetry, jigsaw puzzles, interactive quizzes, interactive games, worksheets, printables, etc.

Below you will find a calendar of events and holidays for August 2012. If you would like a copy of this calendar to use on your website, you may download the printable pdf version of the August 2012 Calendar of Events. For best results, select "Landscape" mode to print the pdf calendar.

NOTE: As new thematic units are added on the website, these links will be updated.

AUGUST 2012 Holidays and Events Calendar








Note: Back to School generally starts anytime in August or September

1 - Girlfriend's Day
Colorado Statehood
- U.S. Air Force Day
- Word Wide Web Day


- Braham Pie Day
- Watermelon Day

4 - Barack Obama Bday
- Coast Guard Day
Nat'l Chocolate Chip Day
- Social Security Day

- Friendship Day
- Nat'l Kids Day
- Sister's Day

- Hiroshima Day
-Nat'l Fresh Breath Day

- Lighthouse Day
- Nat'l Night Out
- Professional Speakers Day
- Purple Heart Day

- The Date to Create
-Happiness Happens Day
- Odie Day

-Int'l Day of the World's Indigenous People
-Veep Day

10 -Missouri Statehood
Herbert Hoover Bday
- Smithsonian Day
Nat'l S'mores Day

- Kool-Aid Day (11-12)
- Ingersoll Day
-Nat'l Garage Sale Day

- Int'l Youth Day
-Sewing Machine Day
- Vinyl Record Day

- Int'l Left Hander's Day

-Nat'll Navajo Code Talkers Day
-V-J Day

- Best Friends Day
- Chauvin Day
- Nat'l Relaxation Day

- Joe Miller's Joke Day
- Nat'l Airborne Day

- Hug Your Boss Day
- Nat'l Thrift Shop Day
- Men's Grooming Day

- Bad Poetry Day
- Int'l Geocaching Day
- World Daffodil Day

Bill Clinton Bday
-Aviation Day
-World Humanitarian Day

20 -Benjamin Harrison Bday
- Cupcake Day
- Int'l Homeless Animals Day
Nat'l Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

Hawaii Statehood
-Ecological Debt Day
- Poet's Day
- Senior Citizen's Day

- Be An Angel Day
- Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day

- Valentino Day
- Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade & Its Abolition

-Pluto Demoted Day
- Vesuvius Day
- Nat'l Waffle Day

-Kiss and Make Up Day
- Nat'l 2nd Hand Wardrobe Day
-Int'l Bat Night (25-26)

-Nat'l Dog Day
- Women's Equality Day

Lyndon B Johnson Bday

-The Dutchess Who Wasn't Day

28 -Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day
-Radio Commercials Day
- Crackers Over the Keyboard Day

- According to Hoyle Day
- More Herbs, Less Salt Day
- XIV Paralympics Games (8/29-9/9)

-Nat'l Holistic Pet Day
- Nat'l Toasted Marshmallow Day

-Love Litigating Lawyers Day


Weekly Observances

·         International Clown Week: 1-7

·         Simplify Your Life Week: 1-7

·         Rock for Life Week: 4-7

·         National Farmers' Market Week: 5-11

·         Assistance Dog Week: 5-11  (Second Week)

·         Knights of Columbus Family Week: 5-11

·         Exercise With Your Child Week: 6-12

·         National Fraud Awareness Week: 6-10  (This is sponsored by the FCC and has to do with phone & mail fraud.)

·         Exhibitor Appreciation Week: 6-10

·         Psychic Week: 6-10  (First full week)

·         Single Working Women's Week: 6-10

·         Elvis Week: 10-18

·         National Scrabble Week: 11-15

·         Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week: 12-18  (Always 2nd Week)

·         Weird Contest Week: 13-17 (Third Week)

·         National Aviation Week: 15-21 (Always week of Orville Wright's Birthday)

·         Little League Baseball World Series: 17-26

·         Be Kind To Humankind Week: 25-31

·         National Safe at Home Week: 27-31 (Last M-F Week)

Monthly Observances

·         American Adventures Month

·         American Indian Heritage Month  (See also November)

·         American History Essay Contest (8/1 - 12/15)

·         Black Business Month

·         Cataract Awareness Month

·         Celery, Fennel and Cactus Month

·         Children's Eye Health & Safety Month

·         Children's Vision & Learning Month

·         Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

·         Golf Month

·         Happiness Happens Month

·         National Brownies at Brunch Month

·         National Immunization Awareness Month

·         National Panini Month

·         National Runaway Prevention Month

·         National Truancy Prevention Month

·         National Water Quality Month

·         National Win With Civility Month

·         Orange and Papaya Month

·         Psoriasis Awareness Month

·         What Will Be Your Legacy Month


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