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  September 22, 2023

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School Fashion Tips for 2018

What to wear? What to wear?  Unless your student has a uniform to wear to school, then what your child wears could be a big deal.  Sadly, fashion could determine the coolness factor. 

So what's the skinny for 2018? Jeans and t-shirts are what's hot.   Newcomers to the jean scene this year are Skinny Jeans.  They're also known as slims, straights, cigarettes, or cigs.  Originally designed for British fashion models, these jeans are spreading like wildfire throughout the states; and yes, even in schools.

One note of caution, not everyone's body type suits these skinny jeans well. They are very defining and fit like a glove.  Skinny jeans should be worn by skinny people.  No worries, boot cut and flared jeans are still in style too.

Beware of all the t-shirts with slogans and phrases.  While some of them are cute and entertaining, not all text on tees is appropriate for school aged children.  Students can be stylish without being dressed beyond their years.

As for the boys, most guys are most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts.  For the cooler weather, they're adding a flannel or plaid long sleeved button-up shirt (ala Everybody Loves Raymond fashion).

Depending on the age of your child, you may hear that "only dorks wear off brand clothing."  Well have you priced Abercrombie or Hollister jeans lately?  I saw on eBay that a lot of four jeans, used Abercrombie jeans, sold for $92.  Twenty five dollars a pair for used jeans – I bet your student will tell you that lot was a good deal!  And maybe it was, for second hand designer, brand name, "in" jeans.

Which brings me to my next school fashion tip for 2018:  If your child insists on brand name clothing and your budget or reasoning won't allow you to pay those exorbitant retail prices, don't do it.  Instead, shop on eBay or check your local listings for a Plato's Closet near you.  Plato's Closet is a 2nd hand store but they are very particular about what they will accept.  Clothing has to be in like new condition and must be a style that was fashionable within the last year.

They carry teen through adult clothing.  They also have some size 16 and 00 which may fit your fifth or six grader.  At Plato's Closet you will find clothing for guys and gals; as well as shoes, coats, belts, hats, and purses.  I highly recommend it for great deals on the most up to date clothing.

With the way kids grow at alarming rates, you need to find a good bargain when you can.  School clothes are no exception.  Remember: jeans and t-shirts – it's that simple this year!

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