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  January 22, 2017

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Free Preschool and Primary Holiday Activities
December Teaching Ideas - Calendar of Events December 2012


Home > Holidays and Occasions > December 2012 Holidays and Calendar of Events

Primary teaching ideas for DecemberCheck out our fun activities for these December holidays and occasions. Holidays that are displayed as links will bring you to a thematic unit at Apples4theteacher.com. You will find word searches, coloring pages, thematic reading lists, short stories, poetry, jigsaw puzzles, interactive quizzes, interactive games, worksheets, printables, etc.

Below you will find a calendar of events and holidays for December 2012. If you would like a copy of this calendar to use on your website, you may download the printable pdf version of the December Calendar of Events. For best results, select "Landscape" mode to print the pdf calendar.

NOTE: As new thematic units are added on the website, these links will be updated.










- Earmuff Day
- Special Kids Day
- Rosa Parks Day
- World Aids Day

2 - Int'l Day for the Abolition of Slavery Day
- Special Education Day
- Nat'l Mutt Day

Illinois Statehood
- Int'l Day of Disabled Persons

- Nat'l Cookie Day
- Nat'l Dice Day

Martin Van Buren Bday
- Int'l Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Development

- Miners' Day
- St. Nicholas Day
- Nat'l Pawnbrokers Day

7 - Delaware Statehood
- Nat'l Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
- Int'l Civil Aviation Day

Hanukkah (begins at Sundown)
- Int'l Shareware Day
- Eli Whitney's Bday
Nat'l Chocolate Brownie Day

9 - Weary Willie Day
- World Choral Day
- Int'l Anti-Corruption Day
- Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

10 - Mississippi Statehood
- Dewey Decimal System Day
- Human Rights Day
- Nobel Prize Day

-UNICEF Birthday
Indiana Statehood
- Int'l Mountain Day

Pennsylvania Statehood
- Poinsettia Day

Nat'l Cocoa Day
Mary Todd Lincoln's Bday

Alabama Statehood
- Monkey Day
- Nat'l Salesperson Day

- Bill of Rights Day

Nat'l Chocolate Covered Anything Day
- Zionism Day

- Wright Bros Day

New Jersey Statehood
- Int'l Migrants Day

- Day for South South Cooperation

- Int'l Human Solidarity Day
- Mudd Day
- Nat'l Re-gifting Day

Winter Solstice
- Crossword Puzzle Day
- Humbug Day
- Underdog Day
- World Peace Day

- Nat'l Haiku Poetry Day

- Festivus

Christmas Eve

- Isaac Newton Bday

26 - Kwanzaa (12/26-1/1)
- Boxing Day
- Nat'l Candy Cane Day
- Nat'l Thank You Note Day


28 - Woodrow Wilson's Bday
Iowa Statehood
- Nat'l Chocolate Candy Day
- Pledge of Allegiance Day

Andrew Johnson Bday
Texas Statehood
- Tick Tock Day

-Mercer Mayer's Bday
- Rudyard Kipling's Bday

New Year's Eve
- Make Up Your Mind Day
- World Peace Meditation Day


Weekly Observances

         Cookie Cutter Week: 1-7

         Tolerance Week: 1-7

         Recipe Greetings For The Holidays Week: 1-8

         National Handwashing Awareness Week: 6-12

         Human Rights Week: 10-17

         Halcyon Days: 14-18 (Always 7 days before and 7 days after the Winter Solstice)

         Christmas Bird Count Week: 16-1/5

         Gluten-free Baking Week: 16-22 (Week Before Christmas)

         Posadas: 16-24

         Saturnalia: 17-23

         It's About Time Week: 25-31

         Kwanzaa: 26-1/1

Monthly Observances

         World Aids Month

         Bingo's Birthday Month

         National Drunk & Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month

         National Write A Business Plan Month

         National Tie Month

         Operation Santa Paws (1-24)

         Quince and Watermelon Month

         Safe Toys and Gifts Month

         Spiritual Literacy Month

         Take a New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking (TANYRSS) (12/17 - 2/5)

         Tomato and Winter Squash Month

         Universal Human Rights Month

         Worldwide Food Service Safety Month


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