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  October 03, 2023

Go Green by Giving to Charity
Celebrating Earth Day and Going Green

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Go Green by Giving to Charity

The call today is to save the planet. You see the term “go green” everywhere. Helping the environment helps us all since we all inhabit planet Earth. If you need an idea about how to help, give to charity.

There’ll come a day when some of your favorite clothes won’t fit. It’s just a fact of life. Instead of turning your closet into a war zone by keeping all those clothes, give them to someone who could use them.

Clothes - Local charities always need clothes in good condition. They sell them to people who need them or provide them to shelters. By donating your clothes, you are helping to clothe a fellow human being. Before you send anything, make sure it is freshly laundered and completely intact.

Reading Material - What about your books? Donate children’s books and others to your local library or church. Give another person the gift of reading a good book instead of throwing them away or storing them in boxes. You get to clean out your garage and free up space.

Furniture, Computers & More - You can donate virtually anything. There are groups that will accept furniture (in good condition), computers and some equipment. They, in turn, fix up these items and give or sell them to others for a much lower price that they can afford. Instead of adding to the garbage pile in the landfills, make better use of items in your home that you no longer need or want. They can find a good home with a new owner.

You can do this as a family project. It’s easy to become a packrat when you have a home. You could be the type of person who never throws anything away. That’s good in many ways but your family is probably tired of navigating their way around piles of books, papers and clothes.

Take a day and gather together everything that you don’t want or need into one area like the garage. You’ll need to go through it and find out what's useless and what can be saved. If it’s broken or truthfully useless, you can get rid of it. Just make sure if it can be recycled that you do so.

You just might find that what you perceive as junk or past its time, might be easily put to good use by someone else. Bag it up for delivery or collection by various agencies. You can find the names of local charities and branch offices for national charities in the telephone directory. Make contact with them to learn their specific policies and procedures for donating. Then, save the environment by giving to charity.

Giving to charity teaches many valuable lessons to every member of the family. You feel good when you can give back to your community and help another person. Charities help you to do that by facilitating the process.

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