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  December 09, 2023
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Halloween Articles
Ideas and Suggestions for Parents and Teachers


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Halloween Articles

Halloween Articles

Halloween Craft IdeasHalloween Craft Ideas

One of the big joys of Halloween for parents is the chance to spend time with their children working on Halloween crafts. Halloween is a time to decorate your home with a completely different theme from the rest of the year. The scary and ghostly themes of Halloween give a wide scope for your children to show off their creativity and handiwork.!     
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Easy Halloween Costumes You Can MakeEasy Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween costumes no longer need to follow the traditional themes of witches, zombies and goblins. Today, children are less concerned about following the traditions than about dressing up to have fun. Many of the bought or hired costumes head down the super hero or movie character path. Instead, it's possible to create unique and imaginative Halloween costumes without going to the expense of buying or hiring professionally made costumes.  A few old clothes, a creative choice of accessories, some make up, a touch of originality and exaggeration, and you are all set. Let's look at some easy ideas.  
Read more... Easy Halloween Costumes


Fun Family Halloween ActivitiesFun Halloween Family Activities

Autumn and the Halloween season offer so many options for families to spend quality time together.  Here are just a few ideas.

Visit A Local Pumpkin Farm.  During the month of October, pumpkin farms usually have attractions like live music, hayrides, and crafts, ....

    Read more... Fun Halloween Family Activities


Halloween Costume ThemesHalloween Costume Themes

Halloween is traditionally about the fabled creatures of the underworld and the spirits that are said to inhabit that mysterious world between the living and the dead. Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies, The Grim Reaper and Spirits take many forms in the imagination, and have inspired endless costume variations on what you can do with an old white sheet and a pair of scissors. That imagination has started to run out after all these years, and Halloween enthusiasts have looked for fresh inspiration for their cho ice of costume.
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How Halloween is Celebrated TodayHalloween Today

Concerns about the celebration of Halloween festivities today in the modern world have led to some changes, though it remains a popular celebration. Halloween is especially popular in Ireland, where it gave rise to a public holiday, and in most parts of America. Also, Halloween has become another very important day in the commercial promotions calendar.    
Read more... Halloween Today


Fun Halloween WeddingsHalloween Wedding Ideas

Few couples would want to pursue the ghoulish side of the Halloween theme at their wedding. However, a wedding at Halloween is an opportunity to create a very special ambience reflecting the season and some of the elegant aspects of the Halloween tradition.   
Read more... Halloween Wedding Ideas


Harry Potter Halloween Party IdeasHarry Potter Party Ideas

The wizardry and witchcraft that is at the heart of the Harry Potter stories makes an ideal theme for a Harry Potter Halloween party.

The last Harry Potter book in the series by J. K. Rowling is now released, but the movie series is still rolling out, and will keep the stories alive for years to come. For many children today, a Harry Potter book is the first full length book they will read. The Harry Potter theme is very popular with an age group that extends right up to the older teenagers who have followed it through the years as each book has been released.
Read more... Harry Potter Party Ideas


Homemade Costume Ideas for KidsHomemade Costume Ideas for Kids

Homemade children's Halloween costumes can be fun to make if your children help, but you have to consider the cost and time you put into it if the children are not participating and learning how to do it with you. Sometimes it can be more economical to save your time and buy a ready made costume at the prices now available in the shops.      
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How to make a Jack-o-lanternHow to Make a Jack-o-Lantern

If there is one image that Halloween conjures up for most of us it is the carved out orange jack-o-lantern pumpkin, with its ghoulish face lit up by a flickering candle inside.

The original jack-o-lanterns in Ireland and Scotland were usually made out of turnips, and smaller than the pumpkin version that has become the standard Halloween design in America....      
Read more... How to Make a Jack-o-Lantern


Halloween Party Food - Menu PlanningHalloween Party Food - Menu Ideas

When you entertain for Halloween, you will want to create a Halloween menu that reflects the theme of the festival.

Much of the fun from the Halloween theme in your menu is in the names you give your dishes. You can use almost any recipe, but choose a ghoulish name to terrify your guests as to what they may be about to eat. Dracula's Favorite Bloody Burgers, Ghoulish Goulash, Witch's Brew, Hobgoblin's Delight, Black Cat Stew, Diabolical Chili....
Read more... Halloween Party Menu Ideas


Halloween DecorationsHalloween Decorations You Can Make

Your Halloween party decorations will probably include the standard range of items, but there are some simple little extra tricks you can easily add that will add a scary surprise, and give your guests a chilling fright and cause a few screams.     
Read more... Halloween Decorations You Can Make


Halloween Party PlanningHalloween Party Planning

By October 31st the nights are getting longer and cooler, and it's easier to imagine another world of ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires and goblins. You may be one of the many hosts planning to invite hordes of these strange creatures into your home that evening for a Halloween costume party.     
Read more... Halloween Party Planning


Toddler Halloween Costume IdeasToddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Toddlers will want their toddler Halloween costume too, so they can be part of the Halloween action along with the rest of the family, even though they may not yet be ready to go treat or tricking or to stay up late for the Halloween costume party.   
Read more... Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas


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