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  December 09, 2023

5 Hanukkah Crafts and Games for Kids - Fun Hanukkah Activites for Friends and Family

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5 Hanukkah Crafts and Games for Kids

In addition to the many interactive games for kids to play online during Hanukkah, here are some additional games and crafts they may enjoy.

* The kids can play the Dreidel game. Instead of chocolates, healthy foods such as nuts or dried fruits can be used to put in the pot.

* A variation of musical chairs, have the kids sit on the floor and pass around a Dreidel while a CD is being played. When the music stops, whoever has the Dreidel in hand is eliminated. Continue until one child is left. The winner gets to keep the Dreidel.

* Here is a fun craft for kids. They can make a Menorah using construction paper. They can find and print out a Menorah online, then trace it onto white construction paper. With either crayons or magic markers, they can color the Menorah and proudly hang it in their bedroom or attach it to the refrigerator with a magnet.

* Another fun craft is to make a Star of David chain to hang in the home. They can trace the star using different color construction paper, cut out the stars and using a needle and heavy thread, loop the thread through the top point of the star.

* Kids can also make the Star of David to stick on your front window. All they need is construction paper, scissors and scotch tape. They can design the star, cut it out and scotch tape it to the window. They can also do the same with a handmade picture of a Menorah.

Teaching children from an early age the significance of Hanukkah as well as all of the Jewish Holidays and their meaning is as important as celebrating it with games and crafts. Reminding them of the symbolism behind the Menorah and the Feast of Lights is a long-standing tradition. As the song goes, tradition allows for the continuity of one’s culture and heritage as the world around them is constantly changing.

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