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  January 21, 2017

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March Teaching Ideas - Calendar of Events March 2013


Home > Holidays and Occasions > March 2013 Holidays and Calendar of Events

Primary teaching ideas for March 2013Check out our fun activities for these March holidays and occasions. Holidays that are displayed as links will bring you to a thematic unit at Apples4theteacher.com. You will find word searches, coloring pages, thematic reading lists, short stories, poetry, jigsaw puzzles, interactive quizzes, interactive games, worksheets, printables, etc.

March 2013 Holidays printable calendarBelow you will find a calendar of events and holidays for March 2013. If you would like a copy of this calendar to use on your website, you may download the printable pdf version of the March 2013 Holidays and Calendar of Events. For best results, select "Landscape" mode to print the pdf calendar.

NOTE: As new thematic units are added on the website, these links will be updated.

MARCH 2013 Holidays and Events Calendar








This 2013 holidays calendar is brought to you by:  Apples4theTeacher.com

1 Ohio Statehood
Nebraska Statehood
Peace Corps Day
Compliment Day
Read Across America Day


- Dr. Seuss 1904


3 - Florida Statehood 1845
Nat'l Anthem Day

- Namesake Day
I Want you to be Happy Day

4- VT Statehood

- Nat'l Grammar Day
Scrapbooking Day
Benjamin Harrison Day
Fun Facts About Names Day

5 - Boston Massacre 1770

St. Piran's Day

Unique Names Day


- Dentist Day

Nat'l White Chocolate Cheesecake Day


- Nat'l Be Heard Day

- World Book Day

- Cereal Day

8 - Int'l Women's Day
Int'l Working Women's Day
Middle Name Pride Day
Girls Write Now Day

- Proof Reading Day

9- Barbie Day
Get Over it Day
Joe Franklin Day
Nat'l Panic Day
Genealogy Day

- Int'l Fanny Pack Day

10    - Girl Scout Sunday
- Daylight Savings Begins
Int'l Day of Awesomeness
- Mothering Sunday (UK)

11- Johnny Appleseed Day
Dream 2013 Day
Napping Day
World Plumbing Day
Commonwealth Day


- Girl Scout Birthday

Organize Your Home Office Day

13 - Good Samaritan Day
Uranus Discovered

- Earmuffs Day

- Registered Dietitian Day

14- Albert Einstein 1879
Casey Jones 1869
Pi Day
Int'l Ask a Question Day
World Kidney Day

15- Ides of March
Maine Statehood
Andrew Jackson

- World Consumer Rights Day
True Confessions Day

16- James Madison 1751
Freedom of Information Day
St. Urho's Day
Nat'l Quilting Day
Curlew Day


-St. Patrick's Day

Campfire Girls Day

18 -Grover Cleveland
Forgive Mom and Dad Day
Awkward Moments Day
Orthodox Lent Begins

19 - Nat'l Chocolate Carmel Day
Nat'l Agriculture Day
Corn Dog Day
Operation Iraqi Freedom Day

20 -First Day of Spring
Proposal Day
Great American Meat Out Day
Nat'l HIV/Aids Awareness Day

21 - Nat'l Common Courtesy Day
Companies That Care Day
World Down Syndrome Day

22 - As Young as You Feel Day
Int'l Goof Off Day
World Water Day
Int'l Day of the Seal

23- Nat'l Puppy Day
Near Miss Day
World Meteorological Day

- Earth Hour
Ok Day

- Nat'l Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
World Tuberculosis Day
Harry Houdini 1874
Palm Sunday

25 - Nat'l Day of Celebration of Greek & American Democracy
Pecan Day
Tolkien Reading Day

- Legal Assistants Day
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
American Diabetes Assoc. Alert Day

- Nat'l Joe Day

Quirky Country Song Titles Day

28 - Barnum and Bailey Circus
Weed Appreciation Day
Nat'l Black Forest Cake Day

29 -John Tyler 1790
Knights of Columbus Founders Day
Texas Loves the Children Day
Good Friday


- Doctor's Day
Pencil Day
Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day


- Cesar Chavez Day

- Bunsen Burner Day
Eiffel Tower Day


Weekly Observances

         National Cheerleading Week: 3/1-3/7 Link

         National Ghostwriters Week: 3/1-3/7 Link

         National Write A Letter of Appreciation Week: 3/1-3/7 Link

         Universal Human Beings Week: 3/1-3/7 Link

         Festival of Owls Week: 3/1-3/3 Link

         Iditarod Race: 3/2-3/17 Link

         American Council on Education: 3/2-3/5 Link

         Celebrate Your Name Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         National Consumer Protection Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         National Procrastination Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         National Schools Social Work Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         National Words Matter Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         Professional Pet Sitters Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         Save Your Vision Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         Read an E-Book Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         Return The Borrowed Books Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         Women in Construction Week: 3/3-3/9 Link

         Newspaper in Education Week: 3/4-3/8 Link

         National School Breakfast Week: 3/4-3/8 Link

         National Sleep Awareness Week: 3/3-3/10 Link

         American Crossword Puzzle Weekend: 3/8-3/10 Link

         World Rattlesnake Round-up: 3/8-3/11 Link

         National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week

         Teen Tech Week: 3/10-3/16 Link

         Girl Scout Week: 3/10-3/16 Link

         International Brain Awareness Week: 3/11-3/17 Link

         Sherlock Holmes Weekend: 3/15-3/17 Link

         Campfire USA Birthday Week: 3/17-3/23 Link

         Consider Christianity Week: 3/17-3/23 Link

         National Animal Poison Prevention Week: 3/17-3/23 Link

         National Inhalant and Poisons Awareness Week: 3/17-3/23 Link

         Passiontide 3/17-3/30 Link

         Root Canal Awareness Week: 3/17-3/23 Link

         Wildlife Week: 3/18-3/24 Link

         American Chocolate Week: 3/18-3/23

         Wellderly Week: 3/18-3/24 Link

         Week of Solidarity with People's Struggling Against Racism & Discrimination: 3/21-3/27 Link

         Act Happy Week: 3/21-3/27 Link

         National Cleaning Week: 3/24-3/30 (Last Week) Link

         Holy Week: 3/24-3/30 Link

         Passover Week: 3/25-4/2 Link

Monthly Observances

         Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month Link

         American Red Cross Month or Red Cross Month Link

         Bell Peppers and Broccoli Month Link

         Berries and Cherries Month Link

         Child Life Month Link

         Credit Education Month Link

         Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Month Link

         Deaf History Month Link (3/13 to 4/15)

         Employee Spirit Month Link

         Expanding Girls' Horizons in Science & Engineering Month Link

         Honor Society Awareness Month Link

         Humorists Are Artists Month Link

         International Ideas Month Link

         International Listening Awareness Month Link

         International Mirth Month Link

         International Women's Month Link

         Irish-American Heritage Month

         Malignant Hypertension Awareness & Training Month Link

         Music In Our Schools Month Link

         National Athletic Training Month Link

         National Caffeine Awareness Month Link

         National Cheerleading Safety Month Link

         National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month Link

         National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month Link

         National Color Therapy Month Link

         National Craft Month Link

         National Ethics Awareness Month Link

         National Eye Donor Month Link

         National Frozen Food Month Link

         National March Into Literacy Month Link

         National Nutrition Month Link

         National On-Hold Month Link

         National Peanut Month Link

         National Social Work Month Link

         National Umbrella Month Link

         National Women's History Month Link

         Optimism Month Link

         Play The Recorder Month Link

         Poison Prevention Awareness Month Link

         Red Cross Month Link

         Save Your Vision Month Link

         Sing With Your Child Month Link

         Small Press Month Link

         Spiritual Wellness Month Link

         Supply Management Month Link

         Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month Link


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