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  January 21, 2017

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November Teaching Ideas - Calendar of Events November 2013


Home > Holidays and Occasions > November 2013 Holidays and Calendar of Events

Primary teaching ideas for November 2013Check out our fun activities for these November holidays and occasions. Holidays that are displayed as links will bring you to a thematic unit at Apples4theteacher.com. You will find word searches, coloring pages, thematic reading lists, short stories, poetry, jigsaw puzzles, interactive quizzes, interactive games, worksheets, printables, etc.

November 2013 Holidays printable calendarBelow you will find a calendar of events and holidays for November 2013. If you would like a copy of this calendar to use on your website, you may download the printable pdf version of the November 2013 Holidays and Calendar of Events. For best results, select "Landscape" mode to print the pdf calendar.

NOTE: As new thematic units are added on the website, these links will be updated.

NOVEMBER 2013 Holidays and Events Calendar








This 2013 holidays calendar is brought to you by:  Apples4theTeacher.com

1 - All Saints' Day
Give Up Your Shoulds Day
Nat'l Authors' Day
Prime Meridan Day
Nat'l Family Literacy Day

2 - All Souls Day
South Dakota 1889
North Dakota 1889
James Polk 1795
Warren Harding 1865
Plan Your Epitaph Day

- Cliché Day

Sandwich Day

Daylight Savings Ends
Zero Tasking Day

- Use Your Common Sense Day

Job Action Day
Nat'l Chicken Lady Day

- Election Day


- Saxophone Day

Int'l Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

Nat'l Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

Nat'l Men Make Dinner Day


- Nat'l Parents as Teachers Day
X-ray Day
Montana 1889
Domino Day
Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day


- Kristallnacht

Int'l Games Day

Area Code Day

Marine Corps Birthday

Sesame Street Day


- Veterans Day
Remembrance Day (UK, Canada)
Washington 1889
Death/Duty Day
Origami Day
World Orphans Day

- Nat'l Young Readers Day



- World Kindness Day

14 World Diabetes Day
Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day
Nat'l American Teddy Bear Day
Int'l Girls Day

America Recycles Day
I Love to Write Day
Sadie Hawkins Day
Great American Smokeout

- Int'l Day for Tolerance

Oklahoma 1907

Nat'l Adoption Day

17  - Homemade Bread Day

Nat'l Unfriend Day

Guinness World Records Day

- Mickey Mouse Day
William Tell Day
Push-button Phone Day
Married to a Scorpio Support Day

- World Toilet Day
- James Garfield 1831
Have a Bad Day Day
Gettysburg Address Delivered 1863
- Equal Opportunity Day

20 - GIS Day
- Name Your PC Day

Children's Day

Nat'l Educational Support Professionals Day

- World TV Day
- North Carolina 1789
Alascattalo Day
World Hello Day

Use Less Stuff Day

Humane Society Anniversary Day

JFK Assassinated

- Franklin Pierce 1804

Fibonacci Day
Int'l Aura Awareness Day

Dr. Who Day

- D.B Cooper Day

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Zachary Taylor 1784

- Int'l Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Shopping Reminder  Day


Tie One On Day

Hanukkah (begins at Sundown)

- Red Planet Day

- Magellan reached the Pacific 1521


- Electronic Greetings Day

Louisa May Alcott 1832

Black Friday

- Computer Security Day
Small Business Saturday
Nat'l Meth Awareness Day
Mark Twain 1835

Weekly Observances

National Fig Week: 11/1-11/7 Link

National Patient Accessibility Week: 11/1-11/7 Link

World Communication Week: 11/1-11/7 Link

International Fraud Awareness Week: 11/3-11/9 Link

National Nurse Practitioner's Week: 11/3-11/9 Link

National Rad Tech Week: 11/3-11/9 Link

Give Wildlife A Break Week: 11/3-11/9 Link (First Week)

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week: 11/5-11/11 Link

Dear Santa Letter Week: 11/7-11/13 Link

Pursuit of Happiness Week: 11/7-11/13 Link

Geography Awareness Week: 11/10-11/16 Link (2nd Full Week)

National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week: 11/10-11/16 Link

World Kindness Week: 11/11-11/17 Link

National Young Reader's Week: 11/11-11/17 Link (2nd Full Week)

American Education Week: 11/17-11/23 Link (Always Week Before Thanksgiving)

National Global Entrepreneurship Week: 11/18-11/24 Link

Anti-Bullying Week 11/18 - 11/22 Link

Church/State Separation Week: 11/22-11/26  Link

National Farm-City Week: 11/22-11/28 Link (Week Always Ends on Thanksgiving Day)

National Bible Week: 11/24-11/30 (Sunday before Thanksgiving) Link

National Game & Puzzle Week: 11/24-11/30 Link

National Deal Week: 11/27-12/4 Link (Week begins on the Wed. aka day before Thanksgiving)  

Monthly Observances

Adopt A Senior Pet Month Link

American & National Diabetes Month Link

American Indian Heritage Month Link (See also August)

Aviation History Month Link

Banana Pudding Lovers Month Link

Diabetic Eye Disease Month Link

Epilepsy Awareness Month Link

Family Stories Month Link

Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month Link

Greens and Plantains Month Link

Historic Bridge Awareness Month Link

International Drum (Percussion) Month Link

Lung Cancer Awareness Month Link

MADD's Tie One On For Safety Holiday Campaign (11/16-12/31)  Link

Military Family Appreciation Month Link

National Adoption Month Link

National PPSI AIDS Awareness Month Link

National Alzheimer's Disease Month Link

National Family Caregivers Month Link

National Georgia Pecan Month Link

National Home Care & Hospice Month Link

National Inspirational Role Models Month Link

National Life Writing Month Link

National Long-term Care Awareness Month Link

National Marrow Awareness Month Link

National Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Awareness & Appreciation Month Link

National Native American Heritage Month Link

National Novel Writing Month Link

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month Link

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month Link

National Pomegranate Month Link

National Roasting Month Link

National Scholarship Month Link

NoSHAVEmber (US - Beard Month or Movember (Australia - Moustache Month ) Link

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Link

Plum and Pomegranate Month Link

Prematurity Awareness Month Link

PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month Link

Spinach and Squash Month Link

Sweet Potato Awareness Month Link (See also February)

Vegan Month Link


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