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  April 04, 2020
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President William Clinton Activities and Lesson PlansPresident William Clinton Activities & Games

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William Jefferson Clinton Facts


Home > Holidays > Presidents Day > List of U.S. Presidents > William Jefferson Clinton > Facts and Information

William Jefferson Clinton Facts and Trivia

Birthday: August 19, 1946
Birthplace: Hope, Arkansas
College or University: Georgetown University, Oxford University, and Yale University
Religion: Baptist
Occupation or Profession: State attorney general, Governor of Arkansas
Military Rank: n/a
Married: Hillary Rodham
Children: Chelsea Clinton
President number: 42nd
Political Party: Democrat
Runner Up: George Bush, Ross Perot
Vice President: Albert Gore, Jr.
Age at Inauguration: 46
Served: 1992 - 2000
Number of terms: 2
Other Offices or Commissions: State attorney general, governor of Arkansas
Died: n/a
Age at Death: n/a
Place of Burial: n/a

Other Interesting Facts and Trivia:

- President Clinton was born William J. Blythe III, 3 months after his father was died in a car accident. His mother later married Roger Clinton and Bill took his stepfather's name.

- As a teen, Bill was interested in politics and playing the saxophone.

- During his presidency, Clinton enjoyed McDonald hamburgers.

- Clinton went to Georgetown University and got involved in student government.

- Clinton studied law at Yale where he met his wife Hillary Rodham.

- In 1978, Clinton became the country's youngest governor - governor of Arkansas.

- Clinton focused on reducing the national debt and was successful in putting the federal government in the black.

- Clinton was the second president to be impeached (accused of breaking the law) by the House of Representatives. Like Andrew Johnson, he was tried in the Senate and found not guilty.

- Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only First Lady to later be elected to the Senate.

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