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  November 30, 2023

Temperature Calculator

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What is temperature? Temperature is a measure of hotness or coldness of a body or environment. Temperature corresponds to the average speed at which the particles (atoms and molecules) in a sample of matter (something that has mass and exists as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma) are moving. Temperature is measured on a definitive scale (Thermometer) in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius, and units of kelvin.

Below are some common formulas and standards for each scale. Use our temperature converter to check other temperatures you might be interested in converting.

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Category: Temperature Converter

Kids Level: elementary, secondary

Absolute zero

Freezing Point of Water

Room Temperature

Boiling Point of Water

-273.15° C 0° C 22° C 100° C
-459.67° F 32° F 72° F 212° F
0 K 273.15 K 295 K 373 K
Note: Absolute zero is the temperature where no further energy may be extracted (lowest possible temperature)

Formulas for converting temperatures:

Convert Farenheit to Celcius: Celcius = (5/9) * (Farenheit - 32)
Convert Celcius to Farenheit: Farenheit = (9/5) * Celcius + 32
Convert Celcius to kelvin: Kelvin = Celcius + 273
Convert kelvin to Celcius: Celcius = kelvin - 273
Check your work:  
Fahrenheit: Celsius:   Kelvin:  

Just for fun

What's the temperature in your city today? Find your city's temperature and convert it to Celsius or Kelvin. Tell your friends how hot or cold your weather is in degrees. Don't tell them what scale you're using.

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